By Brant James, USA Today

Joey Logano wanted it. The grin, pushing his cheeks into a giddy squint, was conclusive. But he didn’t need it, this gently warn, circa-last-century leather Tide Racing jacket.

“That thing is money,” he said.

Plucked from a wooden rack near the box of handsaws and dented metal of a Grapette soda cooler, the orange-and-blue treasure, resplendent with striped pocket piping and flip collar, soon was pulled over Logano’s Team Penske warm-up. If only the jacket didn’t fit, the lanky Sprint Cup driver said, depending on “how big my guts are here,” he would have his excuse to put it back.

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2015-02-18 13.11.27 2They are NASCAR’s up and coming stars, and at Daytona International Speedway, 40 rookie drivers representing many of NASCAR’s racing series took part in a presentation on brand building, presented by U/S Sports Advisors president and founder Ken Ungar. Among the topics discussed were how they define their individual brand, building channels to create brand awareness, delivering fresh content through various media channels, and advice on how to stand out in the crowded motorsports space.

“NASCAR’s rookie drivers were attentive and eager to know about what building their individual brand can do for them moving forward,” said Ungar. “While the mindset of getting in a race car and driving at top speeds to win hasn’t changed much over the years, one thing that’s very different today is social media and how it’s a crucial component in building brand awareness across multiple channels.”
Ungar is author of the book “Ahead of the Game: What Every Athlete Needs of Know About Sports Business” and is a frequent speaker and panelist at sports conferences and events throughout America.

By David Lariviere,


Ungar said it didn’t matter whether it was Manziel’s decision or the team’s for him to enter the facility. “Whatever happened, it’s still his choice. If he had refused, then the team would have had a tough decision,” he explained.

“NFL teams have a lot of choices in looking for quarterbacks. There’s a lot of guys out there who have great character and a strong work ethic who want a chance. So (Manziel) needs to make a profound change in his approach to his career. It’s important he’s able to get back on the right track and the quicker he can do that, the better.”

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By Kevin Kleps, Crain’s Cleveland Business


Ken Ungar, president of U/S Sports Advisors, an Indianapolis-based sports and entertainment marketing agency, compared Manziel to Joe Namath last spring, telling Crain’s the Browns player “is the type of personality that can not only transcend football, but be the link to sports and entertainment.”

Now, Ungar, like plenty of others, is less enthused about Johnny Football.

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