By Will Carroll, Bleacher Report

In a situation a few years ago at an Indianapolis high school, an athlete was saved by the quick action of Betsy Bradley, an athletic trainer from St. Vincent Sports Performance. An ice bath dropped his temperature quickly, and he showed no consequences just a few days later. I met the young man just a week after the incident and he missed no time, showed no consequences and was walking around like any normal teenager would. I’m not sure he even understood how close he came to death.”

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By Anne Marie Tiernon, WTHR-TV 13

“I think the pendulum has swung very far to the hypersensitive, hyperawareness side,” said Dr. Patrick Kersey, a St. Vincent physician who serves as medical director for USA Football.

So much so that doctors on the Sports Circle Indy panel report central Indiana parents are rushing their kids to the doctor for merely a headache.

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